Saint Petersburg Concert Halls and How to Buy Concert Tickets

In this article, I am listing concert halls in St Petersburg where you can enjoy classical music, anything from orchestra to solo instrumental performances and opera.

In general, you can buy concert tickets in St Petersburg in one of the following ways:

  • online on a concert hall website
  • at a box office at a venue
  • through travel companies who will deliver tickets to your hotel or take you to a concert and back to your hotel
  • through reseller websites
  • through reseller kiosks in the center of St Petersburg (you will find many on Nevsky avenue like on the photo below)


Buying tickets directly from a concert hall is the best option. You can select your seat on a seating plan online. You will receive an electronic ticket or an electronic voucher to your email.  And you know you are getting the best price without  commissions.  There is an online processing fee in some cases.

Below, I have included links to the concert halls’ playbills and ticketing pages.  

You will find that some concert halls do not have a ticketing page set up in the English version of their website.  In that case, I would suggest to switch to the Russian language page (RU) and use Google Translate to guide you through it. 

You can also rely on the online resellers and aggregator websites (an equivalent of Ticketmaster) such as, to buy tickets.  They are mostly in Russian though.

Buying from a concert hall box office when you arrive in St Petersburg is also possible.  If you don’t speak good Russian, it could be a bit challenging.  Check the hours of the box office (lunch breaks are common). 

There are companies that organize tickets as well as transportation to the venue or a theater tour, which can be a convenient option especially if you are looking for last-minute options.  You can see some available options here

Below, click buy tickets to see what is on in St Petersburg on the day of your visit.  From there, you can book tickets directly on a concert hall website without commissions.

Mariinsky Concert Hall

One of the three venues of the Mariinsky, the concert hall a is modern building with excellent acoustics.

It features performances by acclaimed orchestras as well as operas. 

20 Pisareva Street (entry from Dekabristov, 37)

See PlaybillBuy Tickets

St Petersburg Philarmonia

The main concert hall in Saint Petersburg with the long tradition for appreciation for classical music.  The Philarmonia is the best venue for music connoisseurs.

There is the Grand Hall and the Small Hall.

The Grand Hall is located at Mihailovskaya street, 2.  

The Small Hall is at Nevsky prospect, 30.


Grand Hall TicketsSmall Hall Tickets

Jazz Philarmonic Hall

The classic jazz venue in Saint Petersburg at Zagorodny Prospect, 27

Buy Tickets

Kochneva House

A small concert hall just off Nevsky prospect on the Fontanka river embankment.

Kochneva House hold concert and small opera and vodeville performances in a beautiful 19th-century hall.  Seats are not assigned. 

Fontanka river embankement, 41

Buy Tickets

Concert Hall of the Russian National Library

The hall is used for lectures, concerts and performances. 

This venue will provide the most authentic experience.  The playbill page will direct you to a website selling tickets.

Fontanka river embankment, 36

Buy Tickets

Grand Duke Vladimir Palace

The palace of Grand Duke Vladimir, the son of Alexander the II, was built in 1867-1872.  After the Revolution, the building has been transformed into the House of Scientists and became the center of St Petersburg cultural life.

The concerts are held in the luxurious White Hall and the Oak Hall.  Buy tickets online (Russian) or through the reseller (English).

Dvortsovaya embankment, 26

Buy tickets
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