Where to Eat Borsht in Saint Petersburg Russia With A Map

What is Russian Borsht?

Briefly saying, a hearty soup with beets, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes and meat that originates from Ukraine.  For every Russian person borsht means home.  Many foreigners dislike beetroot, but please try borsht in Russia.  

There isn’t anything better after a winter walk than a plate of hot borscht and an ice-cold shot of vodka (optional). 

A good borsht delivers an explosion of tastes – savory meat broth highlighted by special acidity of tomatoes and sweetness of beetroot.  A must-try food in Saint Petersburg.

Here is the vegetarian borsht cooked by my mom just now to prove my words that this is a real Russian staple food.

How is Borsht Served?

Borsht is served as a hot soup.

Often decorated  or sprinked with some deal and parsley and some crushed garlic.

Many Russians love borsht with a spoon of sour-cream and even mayo.

Borsht is believed to pair well with vodka, and a slice of dark bread and a thin piece of salo (dry salt pork fat/lard).

Borsht as everything in Russian cuisine is quite mild.  We believe that borsht is better if it stays a day or two.

Some of these may sound a little unusual but it is very very good and definitely worth a try.

There are vegetarian borsht and cold borsht options.

Where to eat good borsht in Saint-Petersburg?

Borsht is a staple.  It is served for lunch and dinner in canteens and gastronomic restaurants.

1. Borsht 

Borsht is the only item on the menu and you pay what you want.  An approximate price to offer is 150-200 rubles.

Garlic bread can accompany a bowl of very good borsht.  There are 4 types to pick from including a vegetarian option.

This is  a good fast food option when you visit Tsarskoye Selo.

20 Moskovskaya Ul., Pushkin 

(this is not in Saint Petersburg)


2. Severyanin

Small, cozy and beautifully decorated restaurant named after the Russian poet Igor Severyanin.  The Russian cuisine dishes are so carefully made and the services is warm and impeccable.  The prices are quite reasonable.  There is live music during dinner service.

Try their legendary borsht with beef cheeks and prunes.

Highly recommended.

18/69 Stolyarny pereulok
(Spasskaya metro station)
+7(812) 951-63-96

3. Russian Ryumochnaya №1

Russian Ryumochnaya №1 also translates as Russian Vodkaroom No. 1 and takes its concept from a traditional 19th-century vodka bar.  

The restaurant led by a talented chef Andrey Vlasov is focused on Russian cuisine that pairs well with vodka. Borsht is one of those dishes.  Besides it, there is quite an impressive menu of all kinds of Russian appetizers, soups and mains.

Borsht is made here in Ukranian style and costs 460 rubles.

4, Konnogvardeyskiy Boulevard
(Admiralteyskaya metro station)

4. Chekhov

Named after writer Anton Chekhov, this restaurant is another atmospheric place in the 19th-century style.  The interior is so carefully detailed that it will bring you back in time.

The restaurant offers a huge variety of Russian dishes, with borsht among them.  Borsht here is made with beef and duck and costs 450 roubles.

Reservations recommended.

4, Petropavlovskaya street
(Petrogradskaya metro station)
+7(812) 234-45-11

5. Gogol

Gogol is a sister restaurant of Chekhov. Gogol is conveniently located just off Nesky prospect.

Borsht here is made of goose and is served with sour cream and garlic rolls.  What else should you order?  A shot of spicy horseradish vodka.

Reservations recommended.

9, Malaya Morskaya street
(Admiralteyskaya metro station)
+7(812) 312-60-97

6. Tsar

This restaurant serves traditional Russian cuisine in elegant traditional atmosphere.  A bit pricey but a good value for a top notch service and the atmosphere.  Waiters speak good English.

12, Sadovaya street
(Admiralteyskaya metro station)
+7(812) 640-16-16

7. Shtakenschneider

Borsht is not so cheap here – 750 rubles, however the atmosphere is quite special.

The restaurant is full of antiques from chandeliers to armchairs and lampshades.

Reservations recommended.

10 Millionnaya street
+7(812) 401-69-19

Gastrobar with Russian and European foods and a good selection of wine and vodka.  Borsh is about 450 rubles.  They also serve cold beetroot soup.


14, Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki
+7(812) 314-06-63